Who we are?

Well!! That an interesting question.

Be it S/he we have been wondering what name should be given to our community. In today’s era of equality, we came to a name XBoys. We want to accompany everyone, wants to win the heart of people who knows the value of work, transform people including ourselves, wanted to blend work , fun , spiritually together .We don’t want anyone to suffer because nobody is helping them in their respective domain.

There are lots of thoughts but what  is the right way ..

{X} Boys, number {X} will keep on growing till the time it reach to one million. We took an initiative to guide one million enthusiastic.

We believe that everyone have infinite potential, it is just we need to tap it. Whoever joins us will become a part of XBoys family.

We are expanding and  it’s a long journey.

Come join us!!!

Our Purpose is to help executives and leaders transform their culture and build healthy high-performing teams!

We like to solve real world problems with practical real world solutions that are measurable and provide immediate value. We bring highly influential change agents that can see this transformation journey through to success! We are the leaders in our industry for offering the most comprehensive set of Agile Transformation services to help you succeed!

What We Do

Agility Health Transformation Program

When you need measurable and sustainable results from your Agile Transformation

Transformation Strategy Planning
Where we usually like to start. Whether your Piloting, Scaling or moving to an Enterprise Transformation; having a concrete quarterly roadmap is vital for success!

Transformation Workshops
We’ve built the largest library of Cultural and Agile Transformation workshops to support success.

Transformation Coaching
We coach your Executives, Leaders, Managers and Teams through each part of the Transformation journey.

Agile Training
We coach your Executives, Leaders, Managers and Teams through each part of the Transformation journey.

Cultural Training
We coach your Executives, Leaders, Managers and Teams through each part of the Transformation journey.

What Results Do We Aim For?

  • Reducing time to market (getting work out the door quickly) through iterative delivery of value.
  • Effectively responding and managing changing business needs by focusing the teams on delivering the highest value work and empowering the customer to change backlog ranking.
  • Reducing risk of execution through transparency, velocity tracking and continuous feedback/testing.
  • Reducing overall execution cost through forming lean stable execution teams and elimination of the most common sources of waste (handoffs, silos, lack of communication, multitasking, rework, defects, heavy processes, lack of empowerment.)
  • Effectively measuring enterprise and team capacity by tracking team velocity and ‘pulling’ new work based on this capacity so that the cost and inefficiencies of multitasking and high WIP (work in progress) are significantly reduced.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through delivering of value/ROI that meets their expectations.
  • Increasing overall team morale through forming highly collaborative work groups that are built on a solid foundation of trust, mutual accountability, open communication, self-organization and empowerment.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Ankur Nag

Ankur Nag

XBoys Community Head

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), Certified Scrum Professional ®, Certified Scrum Master®, Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban and PMI ACP Trainer, Coach & Mentor, MBA.

Durgesh Kumar Mishra

Durgesh Kumar Mishra

XBoys Community Head

Pragmatic and accomplished Agile practitioner. A Certified Scrum Professional and Management3.0 Practitioner. Durgesh frequently speaks and writes about various aspects of Agile and Management3.0 and coach people socially (Open Coaching for Agile and M3.0).

Raveesh Kumar Rai

Raveesh Kumar Rai

XBoys Community Blogger

Starting by few years in the IT services & consulting industry, followed by Product Development experience in building highly salable products with the capability to have tight integration with next edge technology space.